In her first collection of poetry, Amanda Montoni captures the essence of New York City and all of it's heartwarming and heartbreaking nature. Her poems take you on a journey through the intimidating streets of life with all of the lightness and darkness that goes along with them. They tell stories of happiness, sadness, melancholy, and hope.



thoughts while singing

In her second collection of poetry, Amanda Montoni reaches into the depths of her deepest emotions and finds the diamond in the rough, herself. In her most personal work yet, Montoni expresses the importance of self-love not only through words, but through music, dance, her love for theatre, and even silence. Each poem is heightened by songs and sounds credited at the bottom of each page, adding an extra element to the emotions her words convey. Her story leaves the reader with the opportunity to sing and listen along to the world with her, and ends with a new-found outlook on life - if we embrace the darkness, we will see the light and never be afraid to be ourselves.