You are sitting on your bed in your childhood home. Let's say in Queens, New York. You just received your very first fancy notebook. First page open. Pen in hand. Ready to go. All you can do is stare at the perfectly white, purple-lined, empty page. Your hand is dancing from the anticipation of pressing the ink onto the square of un-crinkled white. You draw the lines of those first words. Those first words that will take your 8 or 9 year old self to another world. This is the moment. This is the moment you knew. 

That was the moment Amanda Montoni knew she would be a poet. She wrote poetry almost every day since then. 15 years later, she decided to take the plunge and not just write for herself, but for others. 


I knew I had something I needed to share with the world. Not so much that I wanted people to read and like my poetry, but I needed to publish Trains, New York, and the Love (or lack thereof) That Goes Along With Them for me. It was something I needed to do.

Amanda Montoni is a woman of many passions. She is a Director, Choreographer, Actress, Dance Teacher, and co-founder of the Royal Star Theatre company. Through her many years of being involved in the arts, poetry has always been another outlet of expressing herself. Her intent is for readers to find solace and companionship in her work. 

This is me saying hello.

This is me saying goodbye.

This is me and all the in-betweens

hoping I can help you find

some light in the dark. 

Poem from Trains, New York, and the Love (or lack thereof) That Goes Along With Them.